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The Beetle Trap game is a fun puzzle game for all age groups. It is a free game that can be downloaded from the App Store for the iPhone, iPad or iPod. It has 15 Beetles arranged on a Game Board in a triangular pattern. There are two types of moves by which Beetles are removed from the Board one after the other. Each level has a Challenge which needs to be overcome in order to complete the level. For example, the first level requires that moves be played to eventually have 3 Beetles left on the Game Board on any position. Higher levels require Beetles to be left on the Game Board on particular positions. For each win a certain number of Beetles are awarded to the player. There are 7 levels in the game. Higher levels are more complex and therefore more Beetles are awarded for a win. One of the objectives of the game is to collect as many Beetles as you can. The Game has a Time Challenge mode where the moves are needed to be completed in under two minutes and additional Beetles are awarded for beating the challenge. A Leaderboard and Achievement screen provides a comparison of your scores with players from around the world.

* Free game with 7 levels of increasing complexity

* Each level has a different Challenge. User can view the Challenge description at any time during play

* A Play Clock displays the elapsed play time

* A Time Challenge Mode where the moves have to be completed under 2 minutes.

* A Stop clock provides information about remaining time during Time Challenge Mode

* Different sounds for Home page, valid move, invalid move, menu click, winning and losing play

* Change Game Board colors from one of 5 different color combinations

* Change Stop Clock style from one of 3 different styles

* Change Beetles for the Game Board from one of 7 different combinations

* Change Home Screen from one of 4 different Splash images

* View Beetle collection on the device. Zoom and view your Beetle image, use swipe gestures to browse Beetles in your collection

* Leaderboard for fastest time for each level

* Leaderboard for Beetle score

* Leaderboard for number of times played

* Compare scores with players around the world

* Challenge friends to beat your score

* 14 different Achievement challenges.

* Challenge friends to beat your Achievements

* Ability to reset Achievements and start again

* Undo option (one time paid upgrade) provides a way to reverse previous moves

* Solution option (one time paid upgrade) displays an example solution for different levels leading to a winning play

* Detailed User Guide

Whether you are on a plane ride, commuting to work on a train, bus or ferry, waiting for a loved one at the airport, enjoying a day at the park, enjoying family time with family members or at a friends place, whether you are 6 or 60, you will enjoy playing Beetle Trap

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